What Out Clients Say

“Target Consulting Group is very responsive and adapts well to changing circumstances. This company always delivers high quality results on time, and we are impressed with their carefully considered, creative input into our clinical trials. In particular, we appreciate the high level of customer service and high quality work provided by their competent and professional team. Target Consulting Group demonstrates commitment to timelines above and beyond the call of duty” – Medical Director

“TCG has comprehensive experience across a variety of therapeutic areas and health care disciplines, stimulating creative thinking and different approaches to current challenges. The strategic alliances established by TCG enhance these core strengths to add further value and synergy. They always delivered best results for our projects, in a timely, highly professional manner” – Clinical Studies Director

“TCG employs a team of highly qualified professional staff with significant experience in the areas of medicine, regulatory affairs, clinical research, data management, biostatistics, health economics, pharmacy, nursing, disease management, sales, marketing, medical information and information technology. This unique integration of diverse skills, expertise and qualifications, separates this SMO from competitors. They are very professional, reliable and supportive“ – Head of Medical Department

“TCG is dedicated to patient safety and effective care interventions through novel and existing pharmaceutical products and medical devices. This SMO provides a holistic, goal oriented approach to clinical trial management. Their work added value to our business and is likely to contribute to successful and timely completion of future projects and collaborations– Manager Clinical Studies