Our team of biostatisticians provide their experience and extensive knowledge of statistical methodology in all aspects and phases of clinical studies. Delivering high-quality and accurate data analysis, we determine in compliance with regulatory guidelines the best methods for collecting, analyzing and presenting your data. We offer our clients access to data in the best-suited formats to project requirements. We offer statistical support and services in the following areas:

  • Study Design: Proof of concept or dose-finding; Superiority/Non-inferiority/Bioequivalence; Flexible designs
  • Basic, interim and/or final statistical analysis reports
  • Quality control of layout and deliverables (tables, charts, pictures etc.)
  • On-going statistical advice throughout the study
  • Statistical input into Study Protocol/Observational Plan
  • Sample Size Estimation
  • Randomization
  • Statistical Analysis Plan, Table Plan, Table Shells and Analysis Dataset Specifications
  • Analysis and Reporting